Hello and welcome. Invisible Touch came into being in 1996 providing distant healing, since then the focus of the site has changed and now provides ideas and tools that will help you become self-reliant. The site content is deliberately light touch, it is for you to investigate further and build your own toolkit and bookshelf, hopefully the topics here will give you a starting point and some inspiration. If you feel you would benefit from a 'helping hand', distant healing can be requested here.

Visual Thinking

This is a methodology that will help you look at situations afresh or allow you to step back when overloaded with information. If stuck for inspiration, visual thinking has a creative side that can be used to develop new thinking, strategies or ideas.

Nine Star Ki

NSK provides an insight into your personality using your date of birth. The system is based around 2 numbers, an adult and child number which represent the 'ki' of the time, in some cases practitioners of the system include a third number.
Ki changes regularly through the year (annually it is usually between the 4th-6th of February), if born on/around a transition, a mix of factors come into play and influences can get complicated. The tool was developed to help navigate this complexity.
Supply your date of birth and the tool will work out your 'numbers', show the influences and best directions for travel.


The iChing is an ancient oracle/book of wisdom. At it's very basic, ask a question, create a hexagram and divine the meaning. However, there are many nuances and text sources all of which can be overwhelming especially for the newcomer. To help learn the system I used my technology skills to develop a simple worksheet that gives you control over the type and amount of information you see at any one time. I hope you enjoy it!


This is a practice that will help you deal with difficult or stressful situations. It is about how and where you place your attention and how you can change your mindset.